Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cardinal Dolan drops his smile, goes on the warpath

Cardinal Timothy Dolan is on the warpath. And he’s using the poor as pawns in his war against the Obama administration.

Obama’s unforgiveable sin? The upcoming mandate that Catholic institutions such as hospitals and universities provide contraception coverage as part of employees’ health insurance.

Dolan, who perfected a gregarious, smile-broadly-but-carry-a-big-stick style while archbishop here in Milwaukee, is raising that stick and dropping the smile.

Take five minutes and watch this MSNBC clip that aired yesterday. Dolan, who now heads the archdiocese of New York, threatens that the church will walk away from serving the poor if the administration defends a woman’s right to contraception. The poor, it appears, are expendable.

Dolan claims that all he wants is for the federal government to leave the church alone.

Really? Does that include the $2.9 billion the federal government provided to Catholic Charities in 2010? (By the way, that $2.9 billion is more than under the Bush administration.)

Watch the video. It’s worth every minute.

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